Pre Conference Workshops

Workshop 1: Falls and Aged Residential Care (ARC), Wed 6 Sep | 10.30am - 12.00pm



Lynne Taylor, Physiotherapist with expertise in ARC

Lynda Irvine, Clinical Director, Summerset

Sue Macdonell, Dietitian with expertise in ARC

John Parsons, Physiotherapist and Director, University of Auckland – Physiotherapy programme with students in ARC

Helen Kenealy, Geriatrician, Summerset


Falls remain a significant issue for older people in ARC, families, health care assistants, nurses, managers and owners in the aged care sector. This workshop will review the latest evidence from recent trials that proved falls can be reduced and suggest strategies to the Aotearoa context. Smaller owner operator facilities staff are particularly encouraged to attend. Participant will gain an understanding of falls prevention in ARC and ‘best spend’ strategies for the NZ context. Anyone interested in staying upright in ARC would benefit from this workshop.



  • An educational process for all staff in ARC based on small group case study and practical learning about falls risk reduced falls by more than 50% in the UK.(1) How can this programme be adapted to the NZ context? Come and learn about the programme and contribute to its adaptation led by Lynne Taylor, Physiotherapist and lead for ARC interventions to prevent falls.
  • Increasing dietary calcium and protein intake to care homes in Australia resulted in a 50% reduction in fractures and 33% reduction in hip fracture.(2)  The dietary intake and issues of getting enough in during usual food offerings will be reviewed and discussed    
  • Mobility is crucial for older people in care. John Parsons will outline how physiotherapy students can impact mobility and falls risk for people in ARC, safe mobility is a core component of falls prevention.
  • Putting it all together: Lynda Irvine, clinical lead for Summerset and Helen Kenealy, Geriatrician, will talk through how Summerset is working towards integrating falls prevention throughout their facilities.


  1. Logan, Pip et al. FinCH (Falls in Care Homes Trial) A multi-centre cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate the Guide to Action Care Home fall prevention programme in care homes for older people. BMJ 2021;375:e066991
  2. S Iuliano et al. Effect of dietary sources of calcium and protein on hip fractures and falls in older adults in residential care: cluster randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2021;375:bmj.n2364
Workshop 2: Ronnie Gardiner Method for Healthy Ageing, Wed 6 Sep | 8.30am - 10.00am



Kris Tynan is an experienced exercise practitioner and certified in RGM.

Jaimie Wilkie is a psychologist with an interest in music and certified practitioner of RGM

Ngaire Kerse is a GP and the Joyce Cook Chair in Ageing Well and passionate about maximising wellbeing in ageing. She was instrumental in brining the method to Aotearoa for our older people.


Brain and body health are important to healthy ageing as are coordination, balance and enthusiasm. Ronnie Gardiner is a jazz drummer who developed a mind a movement programme involving music for people with neurological problems and it has taken off as a way to keep sharp and strong in older age. This method is proven to improve function in people with Parkinson’s Disease and stroke and looks promising for people with mild cognitive impairment. Neuroplasticity means that cognitive function can improve with ageing, especially with the right kind of cognitive stimulation.


This workshop will showcase the Ronnie Gardiner method. Those who are exercise providers, allied health practitioners, diversional therapists or nurses interested in healthy ageing will gain insight into this method, and overall have fun trying it out. A greater understanding of neuroplasticity will enable more effective activity promotion for older people. This is an active workshop where participation is mandatory.

Workshop 3: Student and Early Career Workshop; Building a Research Portfolio, Wed 6 Sep | 10.30am - 12.00pm

Join members of NZAG’s Emerging Researchers sub-committee to consider the diversity of career progression after postgraduate study. Panel discussions will include examples of academic and non-academic research pathways and methods for building a research portfolio. This will be followed by a more focused session on research funding opportunities and successful grant writing. This workshop aims to be a causal setting for students and ECRS to meet one another, as well as meeting members of NZAG prior to the conference. Exchanges of experiences, ideas, and templates will be encouraged to ultimately facilitate new conversations and collaborations within the field of ageing-related research in Aotearoa. 

Workshop 4: Technology for older people: VR and all that, Wed 6 Sep | 8.30am - 10.00am



Orquidea Tamayo Mortera, Head of Diversional and Recreational Therapy Services, Summerset Retirement Villages


This workshop will begin with an overview of available technologies, how they are used and how they benefit older people. The workshop will then showcase available technology tools aimed at enhancing wellbeing for older people, particularly those with cognitive impairment. These tools are in use is everyday practice and will be on show for practical demonstration and interaction. 


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