Dr Andrew Kingston

Dr Andrew Kingston

Rethinking Ageing: Unveiling Complexities, Addressing Disparities, and Embracing Potential

This conference presentation explores the multifaceted nature of ageing, focusing on the disparities arising from diverse backgrounds. It redefines ageing as not merely growing older, but as a complex process influenced by health, experiences, environment, and societal structures, across the life course.

Key discussions revolve around significant health outcome inequalities resulting from various socioeconomic determinants, the escalating issue of multimorbidity among older populations, the interconnected challenges of dependency and disability, and the pervasive problem of ageism. The presentation emphasises the urgent need for proactive planning to address future ageing trends effectively.

Encouraging a societal re-evaluation of ageing, it aims to address perceived challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience. It underscores ageing as a malleable process and calls for policies and structures that respect and celebrate it as a significant and dignified life stage.

The goal is to instigate a shift towards a more equitable and aspirational understanding of ageing, fostering a culture that treats ageing as a dignified, valued, and significant phase of life. This presentation concludes by stressing the shared responsibility to redefine ageing and promote health, dignity, and equity for all, for people in their golden years.

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